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Ashoka Tandoori Naan Garlic 12pcs

Ashoka - Tandoori Naan Garlic - 12pcs

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Experience the authentic rich flavors of India with Ashoka's Tandoori Naan Garlic. This traditional Indian flatbread is infused with the robust taste of garlic, adding a unique twist to your meals. Perfect for dipping into your favorite curry or stuffing with grilled meats, Ashoka's Tandoori Naan Garlic is easy to prepare and serves as a versatile addition to your kitchen. Enjoy the convenience of having this classic Indian staple delivered right to your doorstep from our online grocery store.
Ashoka is the leading Ethnic Indian food brand made in India. It is one of the widest distributed ethnic Indian brand in the world! Its range includes ready-to-eat curries (Heat & Eat), Frozen Foods (Indian Breads & Snacks), pickles, condiment pastes, mango pulp/slices, chutneys, poppadum, IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) ready-to-cook vegetables, and Microwaveable rice. Ashoka exude the love for authentic Indian food with a range of condiments, ready to eat foods, pastes, frozen parathas, frozen samosas, frozen naan’s and more. Be it the appetising dum-aloo from the valleys of Kashmir or the exquisite pickles from the southern lands of the maharajas, our palatable foods will definitely take you on a trip down the memory lanes of India.
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